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Hazmat Cleaning, Odour Control and Chimney Capping for Toronto

At ICE we provide full service pest extermination and wildlife control solutions for residents in Toronto. That means providing a variety of specialty services to ensure your property is clean, safe and well-maintained.

Hazmat Cleaning

Due to the toxicity (toxin Wiki) of animal and particularly bat droppings, diseases such as Histoplasmosis, roundworm and ringworm can cause serious damage to you and your family’s health.

Hazmat cleaning is essential in extreme cases. Our technicians specialize in this area and are equipped with the proper hazmat protection in order to provide a safe service. A partial cleaning of your attic or reinsulation may be required after removing any wildlife from your home. Depending on the severity of the problem, in some homes we will recommend reinsulating the entire attic instead of, or in addition to attic cleaning.

Please take the time to research these diseases in order to keep your family safe:

Histoplasmosis is an infection brought on by a fungus found in bird and bat droppings. While not serious if confined to the lungs, it can be fatal if it is left untreated and allowed to spread to multiple organ systems throughout the body. Its acute phase is defined by flu-like respiratory symptoms.

Nematodes are multicellular, microscopic-sized worms of which there are approximately one million species of. The species Trichinella spiralis is found in rats, pigs and humans. It is commonly known as roundworm and is responsible for causing the Trichinosis disease. The species Baylisascaris is frequently found in wild animals and can be deadly to humans.

Ringworm—Dermatophytosis—is a contagious itching skin disease characterized by the appearance of two or more red circular patches. It is caused by fungi and typically infects the scalp or feet. The most common form is known as athlete's foot.

Odour Control

A common problem associated with wildlife and pest control is odour control. There are several ways these smells can be created and each of them requires their own special solution. Common odours we encounter include:

  • Animal decay
  • Dead rats
  • Urine
  • Droppings
  • Skunk spray
  • Smells of the animals themselves

Some odour problems might only be part of a larger problem. Removing odours that are left from wild animal waste, and dead animal decay does not mean that the bacteria, and health risk is gone. A more extensive, and costly cleanup may be required.

Chemicals are often used to reduce odours. In more severe cases, drywall, and insulation may have to be replaced to completely get rid of the smell.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is something that a lot of people might not think of as a wildlife control tactic, but it can be very effective.

Animals like raccoons and squirrels use trees as a part of their everyday lives to get where they need to go. Limbs near your home make it easy for these animals to gain access to areas like your attic or chimney if you don't keep your trees trimmed. This is one the best ways to prevent wildlife infestation from even happening.

Areas like patios can also be susceptible to other problems caused by animals because of overhanging limbs.

There is nothing worse than having your patio covered with bird droppings and empty nutshells from squirrels. This can create health problems as well as be a huge inconvenience and an eye sore. Keep those trees trimmed, and protect your property.

Eaves Trough Cleaning

eaves trough cleaning
Keeping eaves troughs clear of debris is important. Leaves, sticks and nests that are built by birds can block your eaves troughs.

Water that collects due to blockages is a great place for mosquitoes to breed. Since mosquitoes can carry diseases like the West Nile Virus, it is best to have your eaves troughs cleaned regularly. The Public Health Agency of Canada provides more information on the West Nile Virus.

Chimney Capping

chimney cap
Chimney capping is a common, cost-effective solution to keeping animals out of your chimney. A cap is placed at the end of your chimney that suites the styling of your house. This cap prevents animals from getting in while allowing smoke out, so you can continue to enjoy your fireplace without worries.

Dead Animal Removal

The extended presence of live animals in your home or business may result in dead animals, odours, maggots, bottle flies and eventually, the need for dead animal removal services.

Common type of dead animal removal requests are:

  • Dead bat removal
  • Dead squirrel removal
  • Dead raccoon removal
  • Dead skunk removal
  • Dead bird removal

Common areas dead animals end up include:

  • Walls
  • Attics
  • Under homes
  • Under decks

Problems Associated with Dead Animals
If you have animals living in your home–attic and walls–and you don’t look after it quickly, the animal may die in your home.

Once the animal dies, it decomposes. At this point, you can expect dead animal smells and odours as soon as three days after. The strength of the dead animal odour depends on the following:

  • Animal size – larger animals can produce noxious odours for months
  • Animal location – down a wall is worse than in a well-ventilated attic
  • Temperature, humidity, etc.

In extreme cases, dead animal odour has been so bad that the homeowner opted to move out of the house rather than live with the smell.

Dead Animal Removal and Prevention
The best way to prevent dead animals from ending up in your home or business is to prevent it from happening in the first place. That said, hindsight is 20/20 and now that the problem is here, it must be dealt with.

This is where we can help.

ICE's dead animal removal service includes:

  • Finding the dead animal – attic, wall, under home, outside, etc.
  • Removing the dead animal
  • Decontaminating the area
  • Disposing of the dead animal carcass in the proper manner
  • Animal proofing and preventing the problem from reoccurring


Refer to our hazmat cleaning section to determine whether or not this may be an option you want to explore.

We will replace all or any section of insulation that has been soiled, damaged or is creating odour problems as a result from its exposure to wildlife.

Protection must be used when removing old insulation; we do not recommend you do it yourself because of health risks explained in the hazmat cleaning section.

This option is costly and is usually considered if the wildlife problem has been there for a relatively long period of time or if the urine and droppings are creating health risks and/or unbearable odours.

Snake Control and Removal

snake control and removal
Occasionally snakes make their way into peoples' houses. Although they are scary to many people, most found in southwestern Ontario pose no harm to humans, as most aren't venomous. More people are killed in Ontario each year by bee stings and lightning than snakes.

If you have a snake problem, our technicians will remove it and take snake prevention measures so that others won't be able to get into your dwelling again.