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Humane Wildlife Removal in Toronto

Removing wildlife humanely in Toronto requires in-depth knowledge of all the usual players, their biology's' and behaviours as seasons change. ICE has assembled this resource for home and business owners throughout the GTA so they can learn more about what they're up against. Although you might be tempted to take care of removing a nuisance animal yourself, evicting an animal from its home is a difficult and oftentimes dangerous task—it's best to leave this job to a wildlife technician who is experienced, ecologically responsible and professional. We can help you with pest control, wild animal control, and a variety of specialty services. Click on an animal to find out more information.

Repairing Wildlife Damage
ICE's wildlife removal solutions involve two essential components:
  • Humane removal
  • Repairs and prevention

When we are tasked with repairing damage caused by wildlife we do not use chicken wire or screens as many companies do. Our technicians are experienced in light construction and use the proper materials for the job at hand whether it's sheet metal, colour-matched soffit or painted vents.
If you don't see the wildlife or bird that you're looking for please contact us and we'll help you identify it.

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